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Every Inch of Her by Peter Sheridan

I always like reading lesser known authors.  Even if they use conventional plots, it’s theEvery_inch  voice or rhythm of the writing and often the locations that make me want to read their books.  Ease of reading is a plus.  Also, you have to like a book when the author writes with affection for their characters.  This is the case for Every Inch of Her

I picked up this book expecting some grim Angela’s Ashes scenario (it’s set in 1990s working class Dublin) and instead met one of the funniest, brashest characters I’ve seen yet.  Philo Nolan has had it with her overweight and world weary life – she runs away from her five kids and abusive husband to a convent with a vain hope of nun-hood.  She’s not exactly nun material, but is just what the convent and the community need – her sharp humor and resourcefulness nudge fun and romance into an otherwise lethargic senior center run by the nuns. 

The initial sorrow-laden setup seemed tailor-made to be incredibly depressing, but turned out to be anything but – Every Inch of Her is a hard-hitting, kindhearted little book, brash and raunchy and often laugh-out-loud funny.  I cheered Philo on every step of the way.  I also cheered the author on – any man/woman who writes (credibly) from the perspective of the opposite sex does a great thing, and I thought that Sheridan did it brilliantly. 

So, If you like books with an Irish setting and don’t mind reading dialect (this book is actually right much fun), try this one – and so what if you get caught laughing riotously. 

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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