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American Legacy by C. David Heymann

KennedyThis is a biography of John Kennedy, Jr. and Caroline Kennedy. When I saw a review of it, I got on the waiting list, but when I saw its size (over 500 pages), my first thought was, “I’m not interested enough in John and Caroline to spend the time to read such a thick book.” Well, I started it anyway, and I became fascinated by it, reading it to the very end.

If the Kennedys interest you, as they still intrigue many people more than forty years since the assassination of JFK, you’ll want to read this book. John Jr. received a good bit of media publicity after his tragic death. but the media have had less to say about Caroline. Her efforts to keep her life private make her story less familiar. Since the author interviewed many people for the book, we get both positive and negative views of John, Caroline, and their spouses, as well as of Jackie, Ted, and other family members. The book emphasizes the intrusion of the media into the lives of famous people; two very special men in Caroline’s life broke off their relationships with her because of the constant media attention.

I enjoy reading biographies, and this is an especially interesting one!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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