The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

I was searching for a good book to read and came across this one in our library’s onlineDistant  catalog.  I like that there is usually a summary and some book reviews on the book’s information page in there.  This one even had a link to First Chapter Excerpts.  It was wonderful to be able to test out the book right there.  I started reading and at first got a little confused by the author’s explanation of some of the characters’ names and nicknames.  So, I clicked away to look at another book thinking I didn’t want to be bothered trying to figure it all out.  But after I clicked away I couldn’t get the short bit I’d read out of my mind.  Who was the girl whose body these main characters had stumbled over in the snow on their way home and how’d she get there?  I felt compelled to go back and reread the confusing part and then read on until the online excerpt ended.  By that point I had to go and check out the book.  I had to know the rest of the story.  I am usually a slow reader when a book is so-so and doesn’t fully grab my attention and I often don’t finish those books.  But I finished this book in a couple of days.  It kept me up late and I had to make myself stop reading when I got to the two blank pages that separated Part I and Part II so I could get some sleep!  This is a wonderful, gripping, suspenseful fast-paced murder mystery that had me thinking about it when I wasn’t reading the book, wondering how it was all going to turn out.

Editor’s Note:  I just finished reading this one myself – I’d never read any of Val McDermid’s books, and now I’m glad I did. 

(Heidi Schachtschneider, Information Services)


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