Town House by Tish Cohen

Town_houseA dead rock star’s agoraphobic grown-up son learns about love, acceptance, and the great outdoors past his front porch in this cheerful read that adds some revved-up fun to dysfunctional.  Jack Madigan is hitting early middle age with some serious issues.  His divorced wife is gleefully successful, which he isn’t, and his mortgage company is getting ready to foreclose on his lifelong residence, which he can’t leave – ever.  Going outdoors puts Jack in horrible dizzy spells; a trip to the mailbox is an ordeal for him.  He has to rely on his teen aged son Harlan to manage a life, and Harlan’s having a time finding one of his own.

Throw into the mix a ditsy real estate agent, Jack’s aged psychiatrist, assorted ghosts from the past, and an impish aspiring figure skater named Lucinda, and you have a wonderful batch of characters who all, in their misguided way, make the outside world possible for Jack again.  Just remember the significance of the turtle shell and the dumbwaiter.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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