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Going, Going, Gone? by Malcolm Tait

GoingEndangered species abound in our world gone mad with rain forest encroachment, pollution, greed, and just plain carelessness.  In our haste for progress, we forget the individual species of the natural world until it’s either too late or the last survivors are in captivity.

Going, Going, Gone? makes very apparent the prime candidates for extinction.  This book includes entries for both plant and animal species, with brief but good descriptions for each and the outlook for their survival.  The photography is really good – the cover of the book is an excellent indicator of the rich illustrations within.  Each entry also includes helpful suggestions and websites for those interested in preservation of these endangered species.

A similar book of interest in the library collection is Endangered:  Wildlife on the brink of extinction by George McGavin and David Burnie. 

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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