Greensboro by Lynn Salsi

Greensboro As North Carolina librarian, I’m always curious about any book with a local connection, so I was eager to take a look at this one. It takes a “then and now” approach, pairing historical photographs from the city’s past with recent photos. A typical page may show a building from long ago and a picture of the same site as it now appears. For instance, one page depicts Gate City Motors and the renovated building, which is now the Greensboro Children’s Museum. Another shows the Burlington headquarters and its replacement–the new shopping center on Friendly Avenue. A different approach is to pair a historical picture with a photo of a building now serving the same function in some other location. An example is the Greensboro Public Library’s “old building” at the corner of Greene Street and Friendly Avenue, paired with the new facility on North Church Street. Each page includes an informative caption about the pair of photographs. No matter how much you think you know about Greensboro, past and present, you’ll learn something new from this book–I realized for the first time that the city hall, which housed the Greensboro Public Library in its first days (1902 to 1906), stood in the same spot where we’re now enjoying the new Center City Park. Examining this book is like eating peanuts–it’s hard to stop!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)

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