The Difference A Day Makes : 365 Ways To Change Your World In Just 24 Hours by Karen M. Jones

Have you wanted to become an activist and push for change about an issue that’s been on your mind? Keep reading or viewing news on a certain topic that you want to do something about? Feel as though with your busy life or your current finances you simply don’t have what it takes to become involved in a cause?

DifferenceThe Difference A Day Makes will make you a believer that you can effect change no matter your time or money situation.  Author Karen M. Jones covers the Earth, children, money inequalities, government, hunger, and many more topics with a number of ideas about each that will help you educate yourself and make a difference.  With 365 possibilities there is something for everyone inside this great read.

“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.” Betty Reese (cool quote in the book)

Eds. note – a few extra titles of similar ilk:

How to Make the World a Better Place by Jeffrey Hollender (older goody within the social action genre)

The Impossible Will Take a Little While edited by Paul Rogat Loeb

Activists Speak Out edited by Marie Cieri and Claire Peeps

(Carol Sheffield, Technical Services)


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