The Lady and the Panda by Vicki Constantine Croke


Pandas are ever-popular zoo animals–so popular that it seems incredible that the first Panda live panda did not enter the United States until 1936. Many men had unsuccessfully explored the region near the China-Tibet border, traveling through bamboo forests and dangerously steep mountains in search of the animal, when Ruth Harkness began her expedition. The mere thought that she could succeed was ludicrous. Her qualifications? Hard-drinking socialite and dress designer! However, she also had a dream, a willingness to invest every cent she had, and the maternal instinct to keep the baby panda alive in a world where no one knew how to care for it. An icon in the Depression era, she remains a woman worth knowing. If you are fascinated by pandas, love armchair travel about exotic places, enjoy reading about dangerous adventures, or are intrigued by strong women, this is your book!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)

Ed’s. note – if you liked The Lady and the Panda, you might like this one:

Chasing the panda : how an unlikely pair of adventurers won the race to capture the mythical “white bear”  by Michael Kiefer

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