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Signs in the Blood by Vicki Lane

One of my bloggers (Helen Snow) reviewed this book a few months ago; in fact, it was her review that got me interested.  I enjoyed it very much, needless to say, and thought that the author did a bang-up job with this addition to the Appalachian murder mystery genre. 

The book overlaps hundred year old tragedy and a modern day one – a neighbor’s simple-minded butSigns_in_the_blood_1  nature-savvy son is found dead, apparently drowned.  It’s up to Elizabeth Goodweather, an outsider by birth but a long-timer in this mountain setting (it sounds suspiciously like Madison County) to figure out the broken parts of this puzzle, as she encounters snake handlers, new age devotees with a dastardly secret, and a militia group that practices maneuvers all too close to her farm, not to mention the revival preacher who paints in his sermonizing fervor. 

Along the way, the story of Little Sylvie and her lover is interwoven, proving that tragedy has haunted these hills repeatedly and that certain older buildings in the vicinity have unsavory histories of their own.  It’ll sort of make you think the next time you’re driving up north of Asheville on one of those crazy mountain roads…’round about twilight. 

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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  1. Thank you for the kind words! Madison County? Hmmm, could be.


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