Southern Fried Women by Pamela King Cable

Sf_womenYes, these are short stories, and I’ve got to admit that short stories aren’t always the favorite genre of Greensboro Public Library readers. This particular book, however, is too good to overlook! The stories are easy to read–compulsively readable, in fact–and they’re set in the South, often in North Carolina. And, although the characters in this book face challenges, most of the stories have happy endings, leaving you with a good feeling.

What are “southern fried women”? Cable, who, as a North Carolina author, knows what she’s talking about, says, “A Southern Fried Woman’s family and friends laugh at her dreams. But Southern Fried Women have learned not to boil over about it and make a mess. They fry all the criticism out of their heads, admiring and tasting the occasional golden brown results…when nobody else does. They’re women born below the Mason Dixon line and range in age from sixteen to ninety-six. They’re not only fried, they’re burnt out on empty promises, dead-end jobs, junk cars, making ends meet, and cheating husbands. Southern Fried Women live to love again, believing the next set of dreams won’t give out. So you ask me, what is a Southern Fried Woman? She’s any woman brave enough to start over again, darlin’, never gives up her dream.”

Enjoy this collection–and watch for more books by a new author on the Southern literary scene!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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