The Slow Moon by Elizabeth Cox

I rarely read fiction anymore.  I’ve mentioned in past reviews that Harry Potter books had totally ruined my interest in adult fiction.  Perhaps I am recovering now because this book has grabbed my attention completely.  Drawn to the book because of the pretty cover and the word “moon” in the Slow_moon title, I thank serendipity for bringing me this novel.  I am an avid addict of the CSI shows so I was searching for forensic type murder mysteries.  But I was for some reason turned off by the plot summaries of most of the books by popular authors in that genre like Iris Johansen, James Patterson, Jonathan Kellerman, and Patricia Cornwell.  This book is different in that it is not just about the forensics or some Hollywood detective.  The criminal(s) are not mad serial killers after the detective, they are ordinary people.  The Slow Moon has a very intriguing, suspenseful plot, and Elizabeth Cox takes extra care to develop her characters and make them real.  Her style is very fluid and she uses very unique and beautiful metaphors.  I was instantly drawn in when I gave this book what I call the “First Page” test.  I read the first page of a book and if I want to keep reading after that I consider it worth my time.  I read the first page of this book and kept reading and didn’t want to stop when it was time for me to turn off the light and go to sleep.  I had to make myself stop at the end of a chapter and close the book before I could go on to the next! What makes this book extra cool to me is that it is written by a Carolina author, a lady who lives in Spartanburg, SC where I went to elementary school.

(Heidi Schachtschneider, Information Services)


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