The Plan: Big Ideas for America by Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Reed

In these trying times of political rant and election mudslinging, it’s refreshing to see a book written that suggests solutions for national issues without being completely partisan.  Yes, it’s true that the authors are Democrats, but they aim their ire at the political quagmire as a whole and The_plan spare no targets, regardless of political party.  Also, they focus on solutions that apply to the common good and seem to be worthwhile goals for both Democrats and Republicans.

Their proposals actually sound doable and concern issues that have been around for some time – fiscal responsibility for the federal government, more uses of alternative energy, tax and insurance reform, etc.  There’s finger pointing here, but not nearly as vicious as much of the rant I’ve seen, and in their observations, Emanuel and Reed are often as critical of certain Democrats as they are with Republicans – they also praise the politicians who have merited it, regardless of political affiliation.

Give this one a go during this tumultuous election season, and after.  The Plan is fairly short and easy to get into, will get you thinking, and it’s way more palatable than most of the tomes published about politics.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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