The Rebels of Ireland by Edward Rutherfurd

 I enjoy Edward Rutherfurd’s books, but I really have to consider the journey before I begin one of them.  For starters, his books are CHUNKS.  For a slow/time challenged reader like myself, it takes an eternity to make it through a Rutherfurd production.  While they aren’t hard to read, the ones I have plowed through (London, The Princes of Ireland) required tenacity and the patience to keep up Rebels_of_ireland with a host of characters.  Still, Rutherfurd makes for a good page turner, and he writes his books mainly about the British Isles (a personal interest of mine) so there you go.  I got hooked when The Princes of Ireland came out a few years ago, and I’m in similar straits with this one, so here goes…give it a read if you like historical fiction, particularly Ireland’s turbulent past, and aren’t afraid to devote some time.  This is not a wait-in-line-at-the-grocery-store type of reading experience.

A word about Rutherfurd’s modus operandi: he provides a background in the form of a prologue, helpful maps, and (most necessary) a family tree that shows all the intertwining of the families that inhabit the novel.  If you’re like me, you will be looking back from time to time to keep track of characters and places.  And, if you blaze through books, then more power to you.  Enjoy.

(William Hicks, Information Services)

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