Does Anything Eat Wasps? And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Question You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask by NewScientist

Wasps     Ever wondered how to turn into a fossil when you die?  The thought has never really crossed my mind, surprisingly; but the thought did cross the mind of one reader of the internationally popular science magazine New Scientist.  That reader sent his/her question in to the magazine’s weekly column of everyday science questions and answers provided by readers, called “The Last Word.” Does Anything Eat Wasps? is a witty and sometimes esoteric compilation of some of these questions and answers from the column since its inception in 1994.  Other questions readers asked that you might be at your wits end wanting to know the answers to are:

“Does beheading hurt?”
“What would be the effect on the Earth if an alien spaceship came along and dragged the moon away?”
“If I had to save myself by surfing down a molten lava flow, what would I be able to stand on that wouldn’t melt from the heat of the lava?” 

     There are oh so many more such wacky and even practical questions in this book.  I find it to be great for my short attention span.  I can just pick it up and read one question and its answer and then go on to do something else and later on pick it back up again.  Also, it is a great book for some quick reading before going to sleep.  I highly recommend it for some giggles and for some really cool information you never thought you wanted to know!

(Heidi Schachtschneider, Information Services)


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