Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

     When Cold Mountain was first published, I started reading it and soon became bored. Somehow, the tale of Inman, a Confederate soldier, languishing in a military hospital and of Ada, a young woman struggling to survive on a small Cold_mountain mountain farm with little money and less skill, didn’t get me interested, and I soon moved on to another book. One of my colleagues had the same experience, and we could wax eloquent on this book which everybody loved–except us.

     Several years went by, and I saw–and enjoyed–the movie. At last, I decided to give the book another try. Any book that won the National Book Award, got onto the bestseller list, and was written about North Carolina couldn’t be all bad! This time, I became fascinated by the detailed description of life during the Civil War era, learned to admire Ruby’s ability to make a good life for herself and Ada by raising most of what they needed and bartering to get anything else, and became caught up in the love story. Bottom line–if you haven’t read this book, or if you found the slow start discouraging, read it now!

(Helen Snow, Information Services)


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