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Digital Landscape Photography: Step by Step by Michelle Perkins

     Most people who know me know that I am addicted to taking pictures with my digital camera, often photographing the craziest things.  My true passion, however, is taking close-ups of flowers.  Then I came across this book.  Just from a quick skim through, I got inspired to pull my lens back from nearly touching my flower subjects and started pointing it at the scenery around me.   Even from my Digitallandscape first glance through this book, I picked up the most helpful of tips on how to best compose a landscape photo to make it more compelling.  Immediately, I put those techniques to work and have been pleased with the results ever since.  The author also covers how to photograph sunsets, silhouettes, clouds, flowers, and night scenes.  Shutterbug magazine described this book as "A compact, easy to read book that will have you making better landscape images before you have gotten halfway through." I find their review so amazing, because that is exactly what this book did for me!

(Heidi Schachtschneider Cary, Information Services)


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