Ivy Cole and the Moon by Gina Farago

     If you’re a fan of fiction based in North Carolina and like some horror/mystery elements with your pleasure reading, then add this one to your list.  Local author Farago adds a new twist on the werewolf story with the character of Ivy Cole, an affable young lady with a talent for dog-training who suffers the full moon curse.  Unlike other werewolves, she can pick her victims, and dispenses her own form of justice by getting rid of whom she considers undesirables – spouse abusers, drug dealers, and the like, including a friend’s cheating husband who beats his wife.

Ivycover_thumb     Her discretionary killing is alarm enough for her small mountain town – when other once-a-month murders and maulings occur that are not Ivy’s doing, public hysteria mounts, and the local sheriff’s office has its hands full trying to pinpoint the killer.  Along the way, rebirth happens (the battered wife finds happiness and a new life) and romance, as Ivy and the local sheriff’s deputy fall for each other and she struggles to keep her composure and alibis straight, while trying to nail the perpetrator who’s been giving Ivy’s brand of werewolf-dom a bad name.

    Woven throughout the story are tidbits on werewolf lore and wolves in general, which may get you rethinking your perception on these often-maligned canids.  Ivy Cole and the Moon is a pretty quick and spirited read (I nailed most of it in a day’s time, and I’m a slow reader).  And if you like it, there is supposed to be more to come in the series.  I’m looking forward to see what Farago does with it.  Read on – and keep your eyes peeled for the full moon.

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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