Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth About Bullshit by Laura Penny

    If you ever think that you’re being overwhelmed by the media, corporate chicanery, and the like, take heart – the author obviously feels the same way, and has vehemently responded with her pen.  She quite eloquently focuses her ire on the deceptions she feels are brought forth by the media, big business, and the government. 

     Penny’s premise is the proliferation of doublespeak/balderdash for which she has a much more unabashed term.  No institution is exempt from her scorn – she lambastes big businesses, Your_call_1 advertising/public relations, government spin, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries, and more.  Sure, we all gripe about them, but Penny cuts loose with abandon, occasionally sounding long-winded, but usually hitting her mark, and she speaks strongly about issues that most of us experience on a daily basis.  After all, who hasn’t been put on hold by a computer voice at one time or another?

     After reading this, I think that the author could have gotten her point across in about half as many pages, but I liked her intent, and it’s nice to hear muckraking from a relative unknown rather than the talking heads that saturate the political rant circuit.  Give it a read.   

(William Hicks, Information Services)


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