Elegant Silvers: Striking Plants for Every Garden

     What do avid gardeners do during the off season when cold winter winds are blowing? They are looking for new gardening and landscaping books to read! A new addition to our collection is Elegant Silvers by Jo Ann Gardner and Karen Bussolini. this book is packed with information for beautiful Elegant_silvers silver foliage plants. Gardner and Bussolini went the extra mile to include the history of how these plants were initially used in folk medicine back to ancient times as well as how these plants have crossed over the bridge from medicinal purposes only to showy additions for every garden large or small.


     This book is an excellent reference source for gardeners and landscapers interested in researching the best plants to use when adding color and interest. It also includes an appendix listing plants that work best in various soil conditions. Now we can pick and choose plants best suited for clay soil, for extreme dry and sunny areas of our gardens as well as for those shady spots in our yards. The authors even list silver plants that are deer-resistant so suburban and rural gardeners can rest assured they will find beautiful selections that will remain untouched in their landscape instead of being the main course for our wild visitors.


     This title offers wonderful color photographs on many of the plants described. The authors give detailed information regarding common as well as botanic names. They describe these plants growing habits as well as offering growing zone information.


     I highly recommend this title to novice and expert gardeners alike. Green thumbs up for Elegant Silvers.

(Ginny Lewis,

Information Services)


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