Before Sunrise by Diana Palmer

Before_sunrise Susan Spaeth Kyle, aka Diana Palmer, is a prolific author; across the globe, she has more than 95 novels translated and published.  After being a newspaper reporter for 16 years, she started to write novels in 1979 and averages writing at least 3 novels per year. 

I found this book difficult to put down, and I am not usually a huge fan of romance.  Before Sunrise is an intricate concoction of a love story intertwined with a twist of a complex, intriguing and suspenseful murder!  Phoebe Keller, an archaeology student at the University of Tennessee assists Jeremiah Cortez, a FBI agent and a Comanche, to track down a toxic waste site in Charleston, South Carolina.  They are deeply attracted to one another; however, suddenly Cortez marries another woman without any explanation.

A heartbroken Phoebe then accepts a job as a small museum curator on the Cherokee reservation in Chenocetah, North Carolina.  One day, she receives a strange phone call from an unknown man, claiming to have found a Neanderthal skeleton in a cave at the Indian reservation.  The Feds send Cortez to investigate this mysterious murder case.

Susan Spaeth Kyle shoots down many Native American stereotypes, shares Indian culture, police jargons, and detective methodology with her readers—all in one book!  If you are new to her work, this novel is definitely a good one to start with and surely will become the cause of an addiction!   N. B. – Some of the scenarios are not suitable to young adults.

(Belinda Lam, Information Services)


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