Missing Persons series by M.E. Rabb

The Rose Queen

The Chocolate Lover

The Venetian Policeman

The Unsuspecting Gourmet

            Why would an all-black-wearing, music-loving, ethnic food-eating, shoes-are-important-to-Missing_persons_2 me teenage girl from Queens move with her older sister to the middle of nowhere Missing_persons2_1 America, also known as Venice, Indiana, also known as “the Europe of the Midwest”?  Well, it wasn’t for the Chinese food.  Sophie and Sam Shattenberg find themselves in America’s heartland and on the run from their evil stepmother after their father dies.  They now have to lay low and blend in because when they ran, they took $300,000 from their father’s bank account, which legally should have gone to their stepmother.  As if being a felon, a fifteen year old and the new girl in town isn’t difficult enough, Sophie becomes the prime suspect in the disappearance of Venice’s most unlikable popular girl.  When Missing_persons3_1 Missing_persons4_1 Sophie and Sam decide to hurry matters along by finding the missing Rose Queen themselves, they embark on an exciting new hobby of private investigation, specializing in missing persons.  And really, how ironic is it that two teens who are trying desperately to stay missing persons themselves are so good at finding other missing persons?

            The four books in this series so far are fun, quick reads that are full of mystery, humor and just a little romance.  The Young Adult Library Association chose this series for its annual  “Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers” list.                                                               

                                                                                      (Brandon Bensley, Children’s Department)


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