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The Anchor Book of Chinese Poetry: From Ancient to Contemporary, the Full 3000-Year Tradition. Edited by Tony Barnstone

Anchor_book_1 It is definitely not an easy task to select, edit and present 3000-years of Chinese literary history and poetic works in a very compact format.  Somehow, Mr. Barnstone and Mr. Chou have made this almost impossible task become reality!  In order to understand and enjoy Chinese poetry, one must not only be familiar with Chinese history but also many cultural traditions.  Barnstone and Chou assist the reader by providing a reader-friendly Preface and Introduction to the Chinese Poetic Form, which will certainly assist you tremendously.   Moreover, there is translation, Pin-yin and Chinese characters are all in one place! This book is just like a one-stop shopping guide that comprises all of the important elements in its 436-page text and is sure to satisfy diverse readers who enjoy poetry.  Check it out.

(Belinda Lam, Information Services)

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