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North Carolina Gardener’s Guide: the What, Where, When, How & Why of Gardening in North Carolina by Toby Bost

North_carolina_gardeners_guide Now that Spring is here, it is time for me to devour the gardening books again!  I checked this one out last year and renewed it so many times, that I bought myself a copy when I saw one on the shelf at a used book store.  It is so valuable because it discusses what annuals, bulbs, trees, fruits, groundcovers, herbs, perennials, grasses, roses, shrubs, and vines grow well in North Carolina — as opposed to some gardening books that discuss gardening for the whole nation or even Great Britain!  The articles about each plant describe when to plant it, where to plant it, how to plant it, care and maintenance; and there is an additional information category that’s kind of a catch all of miscellaneous tips that vary in topics or focus from plant to plant.  The index lets you look up by common name or genus and species.  As an added plus to an already awesome volume, there is a center section with color photos of all the plants discussed, arranged alphabetically.  The only problem I found with this section is sometimes they use the common name to label the pictures and other times they use the Latin name.  Still, I consider this my gardening “bible” of sorts, a place to refer to when I need to remember how to care for plants I already have or to pick out a new plant to add to my North Carolina garden.

(Heidi Schachtschneider Cary, Information Services)


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