Degree Mills by Allen Ezell

Would you be horrified to discover that the admissions’ counselor from your distance learning university actually is a “telemarketer”?  In addition, that your “university campus” is actually only a four-inch-square mailbox?  Diploma fraud has been a problem for at least the past thirteen hundred years.  Even more shocking is learning that this fraudulent, counterfeit industry has become an epidemic–turning into a billion-dollar industry and selling more than a million fake university degrees to fool innocent people around the world!

           Degree_mills Thanks to the FBI’s DipScam, efforts of concerned citizens, and the media (60 Minutes), this phenomenon declined in the 90s.   However, due to the Internet and extremely sophisticated, computer-savvy scammers, it has become even harder to detect these counterfeit operations and today, this problem plagues the public more than ever before.  It is stunning to read about these “unethical, scum-bag degree salesmen” that have smudged our educational institutions.  This book gives you an inside look of this hideous industry and presents you with five methods of identifying these so-called “Degree Mills.”  After finishing this book, any educated reader can acknowledge and raise the “red flag” about illegitimate institutions using a checklist of 92 accreditation claims that degree mills typically employ to mislead people.  Although this book is intended to be for the purpose of consumer awareness, it can especially benefit Human Resources professionals who need to verify the educational backgrounds of potential employees and also is quite an interesting read for all.

(Belinda Lam, Information Services)


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  1. I am the whistleblower in the Florida Teacher Certification Scandal.

    Can you contact me or give me your e-mail or phone number to discuss this issue.

    Bennett Packman

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