Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times by Rabbi David Wolpe

Call No. 296.3118 W86

I’ve had this book on my shelf at home since I bought it new in 1999.  I opened it then, read the beginning, got what I needed out of it, and haven’t picked it up since.  Now I am dealing with a loss in my life and the other night my eyes fell on this book as I was searching for something to read to help me with my sadness.  Again, I opened it and instantly it spoke to my pain.  It is the first book I have found that talks about losses other than death.  Rabbi Wolpe does include death in his discussions; the ultimate loss can’t be left out.  But, loss happens every day, each time the clock ticks another second and we could be doing something else.  His point is that with death societies have intricate ritualized systems for Making_loss_mattermourning and for comforting those who mourn the death of family and friends.  There are plenty of grief and bereavement books that address how to grieve a death, but what about when the loss isn’t a death?  What if it is a loss of a dream or expectation, a job, a friendship, or a way of life?  How do we mourn those losses, understand them?  This topic is the main purpose of this book – how does one do that?  Rabbi Wolfe draws on the wisdom of ancient stories and of the great rabbis, poets and philosophers as well as his own experiences to help the reader understand and find meaning in everyday loss.

(Heidi Schachtschneider Cary, Information Services)

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